Greta Von Wrangel

About Greta Von Wrangel

Greta Von Wrangel, originally born Baroness Maria Margaretha Von Wrangell in Tallinn, Estonia, escaped both Soviet and Nazi invasions of her homeland in World War II and eventually emigrated to the United States with her parents. Her mother and father were both talented artists, a gift they passed along to Greta. She has been following in her

family’s artistic footsteps her entire life. She currently lives and creates art in SaddleBrooke, near Tucson, Arizona.

Greta’s artistic talents encompass varied mediums, but textiles are of

particular interest. She is particularly well known for her stunning batik

“paintings” and large wall hangings. She has taught art in colleges,

universities, and in innumerable private workshops. Her art currently

resides in international private and corporate collections.

Drawing on many decades of experience with dyes and textiles, she is

currently delving into a new medium - ice-dyed Shibori. It is a journey

that excites her vivid creative imagination and produces stunningly

colorful, unique textiles.