Karen Brungardt

Karen BrungardtI started art as a child with scribbles and lots of doodling. I didn't actually take an art course until my senior year of high school, however. When I went to college, I thought I would become a lab tech, found out that that required math and chemistry so decided to become an art major instead. I had LOTS of fun, but not too many job skills when I graduated!

So...after graduation, I became an insurance adjuster, which led me to my husband of 40+ years. After a few years of marriage (and I hated being an adjuster), I entered a Master's program for Art. However, after a year and half, I decided to veer off that course and switched to premed courses. Surprisingly to everyone, including me, I completed those and entered medical school. I graduated with my D.O. degree in 1985, and went into private practice in Wyoming in 1986. That kept me VERY busy and so I turned to watercolor classes as the medium is fairly quick as compared to oil painting. I fell heels over head in love with this medium and that's been my main focus since.

I have been very busy as President of the Saddlebrooke Fine Arts Guild, starting in 2018. I have many awards for my watercolors in various shows at the Southern Arizona Watercolor Guild Gallery shows and have not only earned Signature member, I have also attained our highest level of achievement, the Saguaro Fellowship level.